Beijing Dylan Biotechnology Co., Ltd, focusing on the development of peptide synthesis, cleavage, cyclisation and other related equipment, independently developed the stirred production peptide synthesiser, cleavage instrument, and provide peptide synthesis total solutions for pharmaceutical companies, peptide CRO / CDMO / CRDMO companies, research institutes, etc.

Peptide Scientific Inc (PSI) is the creator of 180-degree mechanical stirring mode, which has the highest synthesis efficiency. PSI has single/multi-channel R&D, pilot, single-arm support mini production, and double-arm support production series of fully automated peptide synthesizers. 


Advanced ChemTech (ACT) is the authorised peptide synthesizer maintenance service provider, and the Tetras 106-channel fully-automated asynchronous peptide synthesizer has been successfully developed by ACT for the construction of custom peptides, antigenic peptides, catalogue peptides, peptide libraries, and micro-peptide libraries. Tetras is the mainstream device used by peptide customisation service companies worldwide.

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For many years, we have been serving every customer with sincerity and responsibility

We firmly believe that treating customers well will always make us customers. We can persist for many years because we have always been trustworthy and we never deceive our first customers. We have never received any customer complaints, and we are committed to doing our job well without forgetting our original intention.


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    Innovation Culture

    Employees are encouraged to constantly explore new ideas, try new methods, and work towards achieving the company's technological innovation, product development and process improvement.
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    Customer Orientation Culture

    The company will put customers first, emphasising understanding customer needs, providing excellent customer service and building positive customer relationships.
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    Teamwork Culture

    The company emphasises teamwork, common goals and shared results, encouraging employees to share knowledge and experience, support each other in solving problems and achieving mutual success.
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    Social Responsibility Culture

    The company is committed to sustainable development and social welfare, and encourages employees to participate in community activities in order to give back to society and build a good corporate image.

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