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Beijing Dilun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., abbreviated as Dilun Biotechnology, focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for production peptide synthesis, lysis, cyclization, filtration, dissolution, etc. for CDMO and pharmaceutical enterprises. The independently developed peptide synthesizer and peptide lyser operate according to standard procedures throughout the entire process, and can be freely switched between fully automatic/semi-automatic, remote/on-site operations. All data is synchronized and backed up to the user confirmed database.

Dilun Biotech, under the guidance of Peptide Scientific Inc., also known as PSI, was founded in New York, USA in 2002. PSI has launched a series of peptide synthesizers including multi-channel, research and development, pilot testing, and production. PSI is the inventor of the "overall 180 degree up and down flipping of the reactor" mixing mode without stirring blades. Its coupling efficiency is high, and Dylan Biotech will continue to provide research and development services for PSI synthesizers.

Dylan Biology, an American Advanced ChemTech, or ACT for short, is an authorized maintenance service provider of peptide synthesizer in Chinese Mainland. Founded in Kentucky, USA, in 1985, ACT successfully developed Tetras peptide extraction 106 channel peptide synthesizer. Tetras is applicable to the construction of customized peptides, antigenic peptides, catalog products, peptide libraries and micro peptide libraries. Tetras is the mainstream equipment for super multi-channel peptide synthesis used by global peptide customization service companies.

Tetras Transaction Cases

The Tetras 106-channel Fully Automated Peptide Synthesizer uses rotary technology and asynchronous multi-channel synthesis for flexibility, ease of use, stability, and ease of maintenance. Peptide Extract eliminates cross-contamination with fast and precise injection of reaction reagents into individual reactors.

DL-PSI286 Transaction Cases

The PSI286 Single/Three Channel R&D Fully Automated Peptide Synthesizer is highly flexible and practical, with 24 amino acid vials to achieve the scientific goal of freely selecting a wide range of natural/non-natural amino acids, markers, and side-chain moieties. 8 solvent tanks give ample storage space for a wide range of solvents for washing.

DL-PSI319 Transaction Cases

PSI319 single-channel R&D fully automated peptide synthesiser, the reactor is equipped with three volumes of 50/100/200ml, which can be replaced according to the actual needs. Unlike the multi-channel PSI286/386 for R&D and screening purposes, the PSI319 is mainly applied to optimise an ultra-long peptide chain.

DL-PSI386 Transaction Cases

PSI386 Multi-Channel Peptide Synthesizer As the R&D synthesizer with the largest number of channels introduced by PSI, the PSI386 offers high flexibility and research value, with 30 amino acid vials to achieve the freedom to choose from a wide range of natural/non-natural amino acids, markers, side-chain moieties and other research goals. Eight solvent tanks provide ample storage space for a wide range of solvents for washing.

DL-PSI586 Transaction Cases

The PSI586 production model fully automated peptide synthesiser production model is green with solvent recirculation system (SRS). The dual solvent recirculation system reduces washing solvent consumption by 40%, and also reduces waste liquid discharge and disposal by 40%. The mixing mode adopts "180° up and down turning of the reactor to drive the solid-phase resin and the reactants to collide violently", and the larger the volume and weight of the reactor, the higher the mixing intensity.

DL-PSI419 Transaction Cases

The PSI419 2-channel pilot-scale fully automated peptide synthesiser is capable of both pilot-scale development and pilot-scale production of 2 peptide chains at the same time. The two reactors do not interfere with each other and can be set up with their own feeds and synthesis methods. The synthesis scale of single channel is 2.5-20mmol; 10 amino acid storage tanks are convenient for users to customise all kinds of amino acids, coupling agents and side chain groups.


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