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The 3rd China Peptide Industry Conference was successfully concluded!

Release Time:2023-09-26

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The 3rd China Peptide Industry Conference was successfully concluded on 20-22 September at the International Hall, 2nd Floor, Dunhill International Hotel, Shenzhen. The conference brought together many experts and researchers in the peptide field to share the latest research results, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and promote communication and cooperation in the peptide research field.

The topics of the conference cover the application of peptides in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and materials science.

Below are some of the highlights of the conference:

1. Peptide drug development: Participating experts shared research progress on novel peptide drugs, including innovative therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.


2. Peptide Synthesis Technologies: The latest peptide synthesis technologies and methods, including solid-phase synthesis, liquid-phase synthesis and genetic engineering methods, were introduced to meet the different needs of peptide research.


3. Peptide applications in biomaterials: the applications of peptides in biodegradable materials and tissue engineering, which have great potential for the biomedical field, were discussed.

4. Structure and function studies: researchers shared their latest insights into the relationship between peptide structure and function, which is important for designing more active peptides.

5. Exploration of Emerging Fields: The conference also covered emerging applications of peptides in nanotechnology, immunotherapy and drug delivery, demonstrating the diversity of peptide science.

Overall, the 3rd Peptide Conference provided a valuable communication platform for researchers in the field of peptides, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing. We look forward to future research that will continue to advance peptide science and bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the fields of medicine and science.


Our booth is in D38, two days to participate in the conference, there are many new and old customers to visit the booth, with us for communication. For every customer who came to consult and communicate with us, we did our best to serve and explain.


The company's main business includes:

R&D and manufacturing: peptide synthesisers; DNA synthesisers; lysers; nucleic acid synthesisers;

Installation and commissioning: remote installation/field installation; remote commissioning/field commissioning of equipment;

Vaccine supply: bivalent/trivalent foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, animal depopulation vaccine, cyclosis vaccine, blue ear disease vaccine, Alzheimer's disease-AD therapeutic vaccine and so on;

Supply of raw materials and chemicals: condensation reagents, activators, protection reagents, deprotection reagents, detection reagents, etc.

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