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Dylan Biotech participates in the 12th International Chemical Pharmaceutical Summit - Asia (Tianjin)

Release Time:2023-08-04

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The 12th International Summit on Chemical Pharma Asia 2023 was held on March 16-17, 2023 at the Society Hill International Conference Center in Tianjin. The summit was hosted by Best Media and the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, with a total of 1,500 people. In booth 95, Beijing Dilun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. communicated and shared with many excellent peers, and also received feedback and suggestions from many customers.

Focusing on chemical generics, improved new drugs and innovative drugs, the summit will discuss strategies to cope with band purchasing and soul-cutting; optimise all aspects of generics from project to production to gain a competitive advantage; break through barriers and avoid potential challenges in the field of improved new drugs; cope with the competitive impact of biologics R&D, and discuss the prospects and current status of R&D of chemically innovative drugs, and how to win.

CIS-Asia 2023 will explore these topics from multiple dimensions, including strategy, technology and market. Through the three main forums and 12 sub-forums, we will bring together many international and domestic experts to share their experiences, discuss the development trends and technical details with 1,500 industry colleagues, and work together to help the R&D work of domestic pharmaceutical companies.

The company's main business:

R&D and production: peptide synthesiser; DNA synthesiser; lyser; nucleic acid synthesiser.

Installation and commissioning: remote installation/field installation; remote commissioning/site commissioning equipment.

Vaccine supply: bivalent/trivalent foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, animal de-etiolation vaccine, cyclosis vaccine, blue ear disease vaccine, Alzheimer's disease-AD therapeutic vaccine, etc.

Supply of raw materials and chemicals: condensation reagents, activators, protection reagents, deprotection reagents, detection reagents, etc.

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