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Dylan Biotech's participation in the CPHI&PMEC China National Theme Tour, South China Station, has been successfully concluded

Release Time:2023-09-08

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CPHI&PMEC China National Theme Tour South China Station Successfully Ends.

The CPHI&PMEC China National Theme Tour held in Guangzhou from September 4-6, 2023 has now been successfully concluded, and our company has also received many inquiries and recognition from new and old customers at this exhibition!

When new and old customers come to visit our booth, we warmly welcome them and provide them with warm and thoughtful service to ensure that their visiting experience is perfect.

For new customers:

1. Warm welcome: We dispatch professional staff to welcome new customers, introduce our company and booth to them, and provide a brief overview of our products and services.

2. Detailed explanation: In order to help new customers better understand our products and solutions, we will provide a detailed explanation of our product features, advantages, and applicable areas.

3. Answer questions: We encourage new customers to ask questions and provide detailed answers to their concerns to ensure they have a clear understanding of our business.

4. Provide materials: We provide promotional materials, product manuals, and contact information so that new customers can contact us at any time or conduct in-depth research on our products.

For loyal customers:

1. Sincere greetings: We extend our sincere greetings to our loyal customers and thank them for their long-term support and loyalty.

2. Latest information: We share our latest products and technological advancements to ensure that our loyal customers understand our continuous innovation.

3. Customization suggestions: We discuss their needs with existing customers and provide customization suggestions to meet their specific business requirements.

4. Thank you rewards: We may offer special rewards or discounts to our loyal customers to thank them for their loyalty and cooperation.

In summary, our goal for both new and old customers is to provide personalized services to ensure they have a pleasant and meaningful time at our booth, while also providing them with useful information about our business. We value every customer, whether they are new or old friends, and they will receive our good care.


Main business of the company:

R&D and production: peptide synthesizer; DNA synthesizer; Cracker; Nucleic acid synthesizer.

Installation and debugging: remote installation/on-site installation; Remote debugging/on-site debugging equipment.

Vaccine supply: bivalent/trivalent foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, animal castration vaccine, circular disease vaccine, blue ear disease vaccine, Alzheimer's disease-AD treatment vaccine, etc.

Supply of raw materials and chemicals: condensation reagents, activators, protective reagents, deprotection reagents, detection reagents, etc.

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