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Discussion on the design and realization method of automated three-channel peptide synthesizer system

Release Time:2024-04-02

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  Peptide synthesis is an important research direction in the field of biotechnology, which is of great significance for drug discovery and development, preparation of biomaterials, and identification of biomarkers. Traditional peptide synthesis methods are usually time-consuming and cumbersome, which are difficult to meet the needs of modern biotechnology development. Therefore, an automated three-channel peptide synthesizer has emerged, which is capable of realizing rapid and efficient peptide synthesis and greatly improves the preparation efficiency of peptides.

  I. System design

  1.Hardware design

  (1) Reaction module: each channel contains an independent reaction vessel for loading reaction reagents and raw materials for peptide compounds to be synthesized.

  (2) Liquid path module: It is responsible for conveying the reagents required for the reaction to the reaction module and discharging the waste liquid after the reaction.

  (3) Control module: includes temperature, pressure and flow control components to ensure that the reaction is carried out under better conditions.

  2. Software Design

  (1) User interface: A friendly graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to enable the user to easily set the experimental parameters and monitor the reaction process.

  (2) Control system: control the movement of hardware components through programming to realize the automatic addition, mixing and discharging of reaction reagents.

  (3) Data analysis: real-time acquisition and processing of experimental data to provide users with information about the reaction process and results.

Three-channel Peptide Synthesizer

  II. Realization method of automated three-channel peptide synthesizer

  1. Hardware realization

  (1)Use high-precision syringe pump to realize precise delivery and control of reagents.

  (2)Use temperature and pressure sensors to monitor the reaction conditions in real time, and realize the stability of reaction conditions through closed-loop control.

  (3) Use multi-channel solenoid valve to realize automatic discharge of waste liquid.

  2. Software realization

  (1) Use visual programming tools to develop the user interface and provide a simple and easy-to-use operation interface.

  (2) Realize the control system through programming language, and convert the experimental parameters inputted by the user into the motion commands of the hardware components.

  (3) Processing experimental data using data analysis tools to provide users with intuitive results display.

  The design and realization method of the automated three-channel peptide synthesizer system needs to take into account the needs of both hardware and software. Through reasonable design and realization, it can provide researchers in the field of biotechnology with an efficient and convenient means of peptide synthesis and promote the research and development of related fields.

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